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Frontier Farewell by Garrett Wilson

The 1870s and the End of the Old West

This book recounts the history of the Canadian Great Plains (aka the Canadian West) in the 1870s.  This includes historical accounts of the First Nations and their peoples in that area as well as their dealings with those of European descent.  A premise put forward was that there was a danger that the Canadian West could have been wrested from the British Crown by the United States of America . 

I spent more than half of my life in Saskatchewan.  I lived the first two years of my life about 10 kilometres (6 miles) North of  Lake Athabasca in Eldorado.  I lived most of my childhood, my adolescence and eighteen years of my professional life in Saskatoon.  Both my work and vacation travels took me throughout Saskatchewan.

Many of the places that I have visited during my tenure in Saskatchewan along with their history are recounted.  

This book is fascinating for me and provides historical information about the Great Plains (Old Canadian West).