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Mining Industry Bio – Northern Saskatchewan

 My ASSOCIATION WITH THE MINING INDUSTRY started when I was born in 1967. I was born in the mining town of Uranium City (UC) in Canada.  This is North of…

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Robominer Research

Researching logistics to develop Resilient Bio-inspired Modular Robotic Miners which will be able to mine smaller deposits with a high intrinsic value robotically. 4dCoders/Resources Computing International are working on the…

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COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus  (World Health Organization (WHO).  My contract in BC start has been delayed because of Covid-19. WHO has…

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2020 | Northwestern British Columbia

I will be working in Northwestern British Columbia (BC) this year for seven months, based in the town of Smithers. The BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources has employed…

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Nuclear Generated Electricity Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The Canadian Nuclear Factbook 2020 was released by the Canadian Nuclear Association.  Page 22 compares the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by different forms of power generation over its…

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AI’s relationship with technology

The Québec Government Office in London held their 2019 Québec Annual Lecture on the 11th of November where they highlight interesting Québecois business.  It was entitled How AI is fundamentally changing…

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