Beautiful Places in Saskatchewan

This Globe & Mail article published on the 26th of July 2019 highlights two places in the South and two places in the North. The article was written by Jenn Smith Nelson and Doug O’Neill. 

The two places in the South are the Grasslands National Park and the Cypress Hills.  I have been to the Cypress Hills for both work and pleasure.  It is beautiful.  I stayed in a Cowboy’s Cabin on Historic Reesor Ranch.  We went horseback riding and vegged out – it was idyllic.  There are other places that I have visited in this area that are interesting and beautiful as well.  These include Gravelbourg, a Francophone community which has been noted as a touch of Europe in the prairies; the Big Muddy Badlands, there are caves there; and Wood Mountain, this village has a rich history from the 1870s which is referenced in Frontier Farewell by Garrett Wilson.  

The two places in the North referenced are the Meadow Lake Provincial Park and the Churchill River.  I have been across the Churchill River when driving up North to mines in Northern Saskatchewan.  This includes driving up to Beauval and Buffalo Narrows via Lac La Plonge; Pinehouse; and Missinipe – I went fishing on Otter Lake around the Churchill River (caught one Walleye, my fishing companion won’t let me forget it).    There are other places that I have visited in Northern Saskatchewan that are beautiful as well which include Lake Athabasca with the Northern settlement of Uranium City is which used to be a thriving mining town.  Although I have flown over them, I have never visited the Athabasca Sand Dunes which would interest me as well.  These stretch over 30 000 hectares and are apparently the most Northerly expanse of active dunes in the World.  There are also fishing lodges on Lake Athabasca  to which the previous link gives some examples.  

As the Globe and Mail article written there are beautiful places surrounding the prairies in Saskatchewan.  There are also interesting places throughout the prairies.